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    Down through the centuries it has been the endeavour of man to ponder over his future or to be more precise, to envisage a future for his child. The extent to which he would go to secure a glorious tomorrow for his offspring is remarkable, admirable and aweinspiring. Careful meticulous planning, shrewd calculated analysis and selfless endless sacrifices sets him apart from the rest of God’s creations.

    Today, we are acutely conscious that we are the creators of a tomorrow our children live in .What they are tomorrow and what they have tomorrow have a direct bearing to our perceptions, thoughts and actions.

    As an altruistic member of the society, as one who believes that the hands that mould are also the hands that guide and lead, I wish to time and again reiterate the awesome and daunting role that today’s citizens play in the making of tomorrow. A tomorrow that is both rich and inspirational in terms of knowledge, code of conduct and above all moral values.

    Even at the cost of sounding clichéd, it is imperative that I emphasize and spell out that teaching is much, much more than the imparting of the 3R’s. It encompasses a holistic education which helps empower the youth of today to be leaders of tomorrow, leaders who have clarity of thought and charity at heart along with the most prized trust and integrity!

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    School Notice

    Dear Parents,
    Fraternal Greetings! We at NSM are ever grateful to the Good Lord for blessing us with yet another successful academic year. We are highly thankful to our loving parents and well wishers who continue to be our greatest support. If we have carved a niche for ourselves in the educational map of India, it is surely the fruit of tremendous effort put in by our glorious students.

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    Our Founder

    St.Louis De Montfort

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    Born on 31st January 1673, Louis Mary Grignion, popularly known as Montfort, grew to be a prophet of his times. He saw God in the poor and gave his life for their cause. In him, welled up a constant spring of love, courage, selfsurrendering service and commitment for the cause of the poor and the down-trodden. The source of this unending spring was “God Alone”. He died on 28th April 1716, but his spirit lives even today in the Congregations of Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel, Priests of the Company of Mary, Daughters of Wisdom and the numerous Montfortian Associates.

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    News & Events

    01.02.2016: Submission of Marks lists to Principal

    02.02.2016: Submission of
    Progress Reports to Principal

    01.02.2016 to 10.02.2016: Pre-Final II Exams for Class - X

    09.02.2016: Science Day

    13.02.2016: Completion of syllabus for Classes VI TO VIII

    15.02.2016: Revision starts for
    classes VI TO VIII

    16.02.2016: Thanksgiving party by Class X

    18.02.2016 to 23.02.2016: Pre-Final Exams for Class -IX

    24.02.2016: Submission of
    Question Papers for SA-2 for
    classes VI to VIII

    29.02.2016: Submission of IX
    Pre-Final Marks Lists to Principal
    Physical Education
    Fundamental skills for new teams
    SA-2 grades for all the classes


    best school in vijayawada, andhra pradesh

    best school in vijayawada, andhra pradesh

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