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Dear Parents,
Fraternal Greetings! Education is not just filling up the mind but it is igniting the intellect, sharpening the inborn talent, nurturing and grooming skills and above all instilling the right moral values and life skills. Understanding its responsibility very well, NSM has been marching proudly ahead year after year. As we come to end of the term I of yet another eventful year, let me take this opportunity to appraise you of the happenings of this term.

1. SEMINAR FOR THE TEACHERS The year began with a day's seminar for the teachers on the Art of Living by Sri Bhaskar Babu. The seminar was followed by a mass conducted by Rev. Fr. Stephen, our Parish Priest.

2. VISIT OF THE ASST. GEN. REV. BRO. K. M. JOSEPH The newly elected Asst. Gen. Rev. Bro. K. M. Joseph, who was the Provincial Superior of the Hyderabad Province, paid a visit to the school on 28.06.2012, before he flew to Rome to take his office. He was given a grand welcome and a heart touching celebration through the cultural events that were organized.

3. INVESTITURE CEREMONY Instilling principles of democracy and true qualities of a leader in the young is best done in schools. Hence, we have the School Cabinet. The Investiture Ceremony was held on 30.06.12 and the office bearers were assigned their responsibilities by the Chief Guest Sri Prashant Dar, Comandant, 10th Bn, NDRF, Mangalagiri, Master K. Gokul, X A and Kumari Disha P. Desai, X A, as the Boys and Girls School Pupil Leaders and other cabinet members were presented the honour and the banner. For the Primary School, the Investiture Ceremony was held on 07.07.2012 with Mr. Velaga Joshi, Chief Executive Officer STEP Krishi, District Youth Welfare Officer conferring the honours.

4. SEMINAR FOR THE PARENTS OF LKG STUDENTS - A seminar focusing on the educational processes of young children and the role of the parents in this important process was conducted on 18.07.12. The resource person was Dr. Madhavi Majety, Paediatrician, Anurag Hospital, Vijayawada.

5. VISIT OF THE SUPERIOR GENERAL REV. BRO. JOHN KALLARACKAL Rev. Bro. John Kallarackal, former Principal of our school, has been elected as the Superior General of the whole congregation of the Montfortian Brothers of St. Gabriel. He paid a visit to our school on his official visit to India. He was given a fitting welcome and a grand cultural fiesta was conducted on this occasion.

6. INAUGURATION OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE LAB - Riding the crest of globalization, English is here to stay. Understanding pretty well the importance of soft skills and the role of the school in honing them, the English language lab with the latest software was inaugurated by the Superior General, Rev. Bro. John, on his visit. The lab will be used by the students from the II term.

7. A DEMO BY THE NATIONAL DISASTER RESPONSE FORCE The N.D.R.F. which is stationed at Mangalagiri, Guntur Dt, had a demonstration for the pupils, to give them a firsthand experience of their method of operation. They gave a demonstration of how to provide first aid during emergencies. There was a display of all their equipments. They also explained to the students the functioning of these equipments. Thanks to Sri Prashant Dar, Commandant.

8. CAREER COUNSELLING A talk on career counseling was given by the expert HRD trainer, Dr. M. C. Das on 15.09.2012 to the students of Classes IX & X. He advised the students to think out of the box and go in for careers which they were really interested in, rather than just taking the beaten track.


A Teenagers' Health Awareness programme focusing on health related issues and health screening (recording of height, weight and blood pressure) of students was held on 11.08.12 under the aegis of the Indian Academy of Paediatrics. The programme was very educative and useful.
2. A seminar on Gastro Enteritis focusing on Oral Rehydration Solution, its ingredients, ORS with Zinc and the importance of Zinc in ORS as a New Therapy for preventing Diarrhoea was held on 26.07.12.

10. MRS. SIVA KUMARI'S SUPERANNUATION - Mrs. B. Siva Kumari, our Senior Teacher in Biological Sciences, who has rendered 35 years of yeomen service was honoured in a very fitting way on the occasion of her superannuation on 01.09.2012.

11. FIRE FIGHTING DEVICES To ensure the safety of the pupils in case of a fire, latest fire fighting equipments have been installed in vital points of the school. In a short while, the pupils would be given training regarding the proper usage of these devices. The school has been awarded the fire safety certificate by the Municipal Corporation of Vijayawada.

12. TEACHERS' DAY CELEBRATION - The student community expressed their love and appreciation for their mentors through the grand celebrations held on the occasion of Teachers' Day on September 5th.

13. L.K.G. REGISTRATION: The registration forms for the LKG batch of 2013-2014 will be issued at the School Office on all working days from 15.11.2012 to 26.11.2012. Time: 9.00am to 11.00am. You are requested to make a note of the same and also inform those interested.

14. OUR ACHIEVEMENTS NSM has always witnessed a plethora of successful events. Be it any field literary, cultural or sports our pupils have always made their mark felt.

a. LITERARY Our young orators and essayists have always made us proud. In the Elocution and Essay Writing Competition conducted by Bharat Vikas Parishad, Master K.P. Ramtej, X A, secured II place in English Elocution and Master Ch. Premchand, X D, bagged the III place in Telugu Elocution. Kumari Yashika Gupta, X B secured the consolation prize in English Essay Writing.

b. CULTURAL Our artists proved their aesthetic abilities wherever they set their foot on.
1. The Rotary Club of Vijayawada Central conducted various cultural competitions. The following students are the prize winners Solo Singing Juniors P S R Charan, VI E (I Folk; II Patriotic); Siddhi Shyam Sukha, VI B (II Folk); Seniors K L A Jahnavi, VIII B ( II- Patriotic); Pallavi V, IX B (II Folk).
Dance Juniors Loukik, VIII A ( II Folk, I Western); Tushar V, VII A (II Western); Vishnu Saketh, VI A ( Western III);Seniors Abhigna, IX ( I Folk; II Western)
2. ORS and IAP Krishna District branch had organized a drawing competition. The following are the winners I Place S Roshini, X B; M. Sri Durga, V E, T Keerthana, II E
II Place - K Satwik, VII D; Y Aasritha, II E; III Place M. Aasrith, III E; Consolation prize D Teja Adarsh, IV E; M. Vineela, IV E; M. Vineela Chowdary, IV E; Dhanyatha P, I A; Ch. Durga Sri Rahul, III A; Hunaina Hafsa, III B.
3. Our School Choir has won the 1st place (Regional and III place (Folk, Sanskrit and Hindi) Song Category at the group singing competition conducted by Bharat Vikas Parishad. They now move on to the State level competition.

c. QUIZ : Our quizzers made their presence felt at various competitions.
1. In the Sri Harsha Memorial Quiz, conducted by St. John's Hr. Sec. School, Gannavaram, our team comprising, Master K. Gokul, XA; Master S. Sai Arvind, X B and G Shashank, IX C; won the rolling trophy and a cash award of Rs.5000/-
2. At the Science Quiz conducted by Dr. K V. R. Scientific Society, Bhavanipuram, our teams (a) K. Gokul, X A and V. Pravesh Rana, X C won the III place and (b) K P Ramtej, X A and S Sai Aravind, X B won the IV place.
3. In the Synergy Quiz conducted by Felines Club of Vijayawada our team K Gokul, X A; V. Pravesh Rana, X C and S. Sai Aravind, X B won the 1st place and a cash award of Rs.1,000/- and the II place was won by the team comprising G. Akhil, IX A and Saurabh M. Shah, IX A.

d. SPORTS Our sport stars shone to their fullest glory in all the competitions they participated in
1. Kum. K Yamika, VII D participated in the CBSE south zone skating tournament held at Mysore and secured the II place in RINK I and III in RINK II. She has qualified for the CBSE Nationals to be conducted at Amritsar. (Punjab).
2. At the T.T. Tournament conducted by the Krishna Dist T.T. Association, our girls K. Raaga Sri, IX C, G. N. Srija, IX A and N Roseline Nitya Jose, IX B secured III place, M. Vamsi Krishna, X B, secured the consolation prize.
3. N. Prajwal, VIII D secured the II place in the Chess tournament conducted by Krishna Dist. Chess Association.

e. ENGLISH LANGUAGE CLUB ELULAA English Language Users and Literature Admirers Association, Vijayawada conducted a Spelling Bee Test for students of Classes I to X on 12.08.12. The winners are as follows.
Sub Juniors Category S Yamini IV A ( II Place) and Y. Ketan, V ( III place)
Juniors Category Savio Jomton, VII A (I), T Amulya, VI C (III) and K Peddirajulu, VII C and Nitin Aras, VII A got the Special Appreciation Prize.

15. PARENT-TEACHER MEET It is the responsibility of the home and the school to censure a healthy growing atmosphere for the pupils. Parents and teachers need to collaborate with each other for the welfare of the child. To enable this process, we shall have a parent teacher meet on 16.10.12. Parents are requested to make use of this opportunity and have a positive interaction with teachers for the betterment of the pupils.

16. DASARA VACATION The school will close for Dasara Vacation from 17.10.2012 to 28.10.2012.

The present age is one of information boom. So, it is natural that young minds get attracted towards social networking sites. There is no doubt that there are several hidden perils behind the usage of these sites. As responsible elders, it is our unsaid duty, to monitor these young minds. Please ensure that your wards do not waste time on Facebook, or Twitter, just chatting and browsing. If there is any important work to be done, let it be under adult supervision.

We also request our parents to discourage their wards from riding two wheelers or driving four wheelers. Please do follow traffic rules to ensure their safety.

Wish you all a very happy Vijayadasami and Id-ul-Fitr.
Yours in the cause of Education,
Bro. Pratap Reddy

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